Voices of Courage

As we have traveled this road, telling the story of Catherine and Olivia, of our family, we have met many other brave women and families who have also told their stories. My hope is that if you have ended a pregnancy and you feel alone, our collective stories will help you see that you are not at all alone. We are here to support you through any emotions you’re feeling.

If you have, or are considering, ending a wanted pregnancy, please visit Ending a Wanted Pregnancy. This very supportive group helped me, and many others, through this difficult time.

Robin U.


Robin’s daughter, Grace Pearl, was diagnosed with multicystic dysplastic kidney, a terminal diagnosis. They terminated this very wanted pregnancy at 21 weeks and 5 days.

Jessica C.

Why I Am Lucky To Live In A State With Strong Reproductive Rights

Jessica and her husband made the painful decision to terminate their wanted pregnancy at 18 weeks after learning of their son’s bilateral multicystic dysplastic kidneys diagnosis.

Kadie T.

Discussing the restrictions placed on abortion in Missouri and their personal impact

Kadie and her husband had to wait an agonizing 72 hours after deciding to terminate their much-wanted son after a terminal diagnosis due to laws in Missouri.


Kerri and Anneliese

Kerri’s daughter, Anneliese, was diagnosed with an extremely rare chromosomal condition that was “not compatible with life.” She and her husband were forced to travel two hours away from home to compassionately end their daughter’s life.

Tiffany C.

Family At Center Of South Dakota Abortion Debate

S. Dakota Readies Again for Abortion Fight

Her twin sons developed TTTS (twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome), putting both of her boys’ lives in serious jeopardy. “I was not going to bury two of my babies,” Tiffany remembers thinking. “If I can intervene and save one of my babies, I’m going to do it.”