A Candle for Catherine

And all of the other babies, named and not, who left too soon. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I speak about pregnancy loss often, but today is a day for grieving parents around the world to find solace in our collective loss, celebrate our babies, and receive support from our community. Although … More A Candle for Catherine

One Year Gone

“What’s on your mind?” asks Peter. “The same.” “What’s that?” “Catie.” “What about Catie?” “This just shouldn’t be our life.” I swear, we’ve had this same conversation a dozen times in the last week as the anniversary of Cate’s passing approached. I’ve felt myself spiraling out of control again. I haven’t felt this deep sense … More One Year Gone

Swimming Through Jello

That’s about how I feel right now trying to get through my days. These anniversaries simultaneously loomed large in front of me like Kilimanjaro and snuck up on me as I went about my day-to-day activities. Sorting through the emotions while also parenting and working and wifeing and adulting and living really feels like swimming … More Swimming Through Jello

A Birthday Wish

My birthday is coming up this weekend. The big 3-1. Nothing special, really. Last year was a bigger one, and even that wasn’t a huge deal. It was important because of the girls. It was important because I was starting a new decade of my life while also ushering in this huge change with these … More A Birthday Wish

#listenup: Having a Child Doesn’t Cure Infertility

I haven’t had a lot to say during this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week. Part of it has to do with some personal, non-family stuff going on, and part of it is that I’m a mom of a seven-month-old baby. But that brings me to my annual NIAW post. This year’s them is “Listen Up,” … More #listenup: Having a Child Doesn’t Cure Infertility