A Celebration of Life

Or, “Why I Chose to Announce My Pregnancy at Only Eight and a Half Weeks.” 
That’s right, blogosphere, we’re finally expecting! And not one, but TWO babies. Our Hail Mary trip overseas for something that we originally thought was downright crazy actually. Freaking. Worked. We’re over the moon.
And terrified, but what parents-to-be aren’t?
Anyway, today, at only 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant, we made this whole thing “Facebook Official,” if you will.

“Why so early?” you’re asking yourself. “Anything could go wrong! You’re not in the clear, woman! And what if you have to backtrack on all of this? That would be so painful!”
You’re right. It would be one of the most painful things we would ever face. Having to tell people who didn’t get the memo that, yeah, it just didn’t work out for us. But after all we’ve been through, shouldn’t we just rejoice in the positive? Shouldn’t we celebrate the two little lives growing inside me?
Yeah, we should. Because as the number one mantra for my Pregnant After Infertility group states: Today I am pregnant. And today I love my babies.
Another big one says that it’s okay to be afraid, but you can’t let it steal your joy. So our fear will not steal our joy. Not today. Not ever. We went public with our pregnancy early because we want to celebrate these lives, celebrate our success, and let everyone who wants to love these babies for as long as they’re with us.
It seems so morbid to say, “as long as they’re with us.” But we really aren’t in the clear yet. First trimester is the time when anything can happen. And with two babies in there, sometimes it seems like chances are even greater that we won’t end up bringing both of them home with us when all is said and done. But little Baby A and little Baby B are our pride and joy. We already love them fiercely. And there are so many people in this world who want a chance to love them, too. So we’ve shared them with the world.
And we do not regret that decision. Not even one iota, and not for a second. These babies have our hearts forever.

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