An Unexpected Journey

Exciting news broke in our household last week/over the weekend. After mulling over our options for continuing with fertility treatments (and there are a LOT of options), Peter and I have decided on the next leg of our journey.

Drum roll, please…

We will officially be traveling to the Czech Republic in February for a donor egg IVF cycle!

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a doggone second, Darla. WHAT?!”

It sounds crazy, right? And for so many reasons.

  1. The Czech Republic? That’s so random/far away/scary-sounding.
  2. Traveling to Europe for this? Surely that’s the most expensive option you had.
  3. Donor eggs? But I thought you said that was such a weird concept that you didn’t think you could do that.

Trust me. I know all of the concerns. I’ve worn out the worry record that contains a playlist of all of your concerns and more.

A few things: the Czech Republic is one of the most traveled-to locations for IVF cycles abroad. There are at least 30 clinics in this small country, so many of which are very highly regarded with very talented doctors who boast very high success rates.

Donor egg cycles in the States are EXPENSIVE. More expensive than doing IVF again with my eggs. Think about it: you’re paying for someone’s IVF cycle (minus the transfer), including her medications, doctor visits, and ultrasounds. The agency or clinic reimburses the donor on top of that for time, “pain and suffering,” etc. And you reimburse the clinic for that — basically a finder’s fee, if you will. And then you have to pay for your own medications, doctor visits, and the transfer itself. All lab fees associated with creating your embryos. The list goes on and on. But across the pond, all of this is so regulated that the cost of a donor egg IVF cycle is about a third of what you’ll find in the States. A THIRD! When you’re talking thousands of dollars, that’s a big deal.

Finally, I know I expressed hesitancy over using donor eggs. But I also asked for respect for whatever decision we made. And all of this is such an unknown that I certainly had the right to change my mind! Is it a little strange to think about carrying a child that has Peter’s genes and another woman’s? Sure it is! But I will be carrying that baby. ME. Not someone else. I will be growing that little baby in my belly. That makes that baby mine, too. Just as much mine as it is Peter’s. And I know we’ll love the little human that we create with every fiber of my being and then some.

There are SO MANY unknowns here, so many things to think through and plan. But we have the basic plan in place. We have a timeline. Heck, we even have a transfer date. And that alone has given us such a feeling of peace, a feeling I can’t possibly describe.

There’s a light at the end of our tunnel, shining bright from the Czech Republic. And while this is not at all the journey we planned, it’s the one that’s always been in store for us, so we’re going with it. It’s going to be one heck of a ride, that’s for sure!


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