Is This Heaven? No, It’s Florida

The Husband and I recently got back from a much-needed getaway. We went, as you may have guessed, to Florida. Universal Studios, to be specific. He said, “Let’s go on a vacation!” I said, “Take me to Harry Potter World!” So, off to Florida we went. 

In front of Hogwarts, y’all! The ride in the castle, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, is the best ride you will ever go on.

We took a long weekend over Easter to just get away and be husband and wife again. It was exactly what we needed.

We ate…

Eating Giordano’s, his favorite Chicago pizza

 We waited in long lines to ride some of the best theme park rides I’ve ever been on!

Waiting in line for the MIB ride

Water rides! Perfect for hot Florida days
Okay, the Jaws ride is actually gone now (sad!), but we still had to pose with the shark

We walked through Diagon Alley. Y’all. Do you even realize what this means? I was in the Harry Potter universe!

Looking down Diagon Alley at Gringotts. The ride in Gringotts was so much fun!

I can’t even begin to tell you how immersive this part of the park is. Well, these parts. There are two different areas of HP World in the two Universal parks. And both are equally amazing. Hosmeade, where Hogwarts is, also has Honeydukes (the sweet shop where we go chocolate frogs and Every Flavour Beans) and the Hogs Head Pub (the best place for butterbeer, hands down).

Not only does Diagon Alley have Gringotts, but they also have Madam Malkins robe shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and, of course, Ollivander’s. Where I got chosen, over kids, to take part in the wand choosing ceremony. A wand chose me! It was so surreal.

We also took a trip to Kennedy Space Center.

This was the Husband’s favorite part, dare I say. He’s a huge science nerd, so seeing a real Saturn V rocket, a real lunar module, the actual space shuttle Atlantis… he was in complete awe!

We came back to some harsh realities, but it was so much fun while it lasted. We were just a couple of grown up kids in love, no responsibilities, no baby talk. It was pure bliss. Sometimes you just need to reconnect. Some tough times lie ahead of us, but we’ve got each other. And really, isn’t that all that matters?


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