I’m back!

Wow! It has been a very long time! And the worst part is that I said I was going to write more the last time I wrote. 5 months ago.

Life is busy! Early this year, we were dealing with some family issues that are ongoing, but things seemed to have at least settled into something easier to handle on a day-to-day basis.

Then, on a whim, the Husband and I decided to seriously begin house-hunting. We’d been discussing it since before our wedding, but he really didn’t feel that our financials were in a place that would allow us to buy the house we wanted. Well, we met with a realtor at the end of March, looked at houses the weekend after we met with our realtor, and had a contract in on the house of our dreams by the end of that weekend. It happened in less than a week.

We closed on our house at the end of April and moved in a month later. We’ve been in our new home for almost a month now. It still doesn’t quite feel real, but we’re mostly unpacked now and we’re settling in, so it’s starting to hit us that this place is ours.

The Husband and I made a big family decision early this year, too. We decided we were ready to start trying to add to our family. We love that we get to enjoy “us” time, we’re loving being married, and we love our two fur babies to the ends of the earth. But we’re ready to have a little baby of our own.

We started trying at the beginning of the year. And I would be lying if I said things were going great. The disappointment that hits me each month I’m not pregnant is hard on both of us. I don’t take it well, and the Husband hates to see me so upset. It’s been rough going. But we’re determined to make this happen. I keep reminding myself that the fact that it hasn’t happened for us yet just means that God hasn’t found the right little soul to send our way. But I can’t wait to meet that precious one when it’s finally time.

There’s more going on, but I feel like this is enough for now. More to come tomorrow!


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