My heart hurts. It is broken. A piece of it has gone and will never return.

The world lost a beautiful person yesterday. After what seems to have been a short aggressive battle with breast cancer, my friend, mentor, and “Rockport mommy” passed away and went to be with God.

And I am at a loss. Why did such a vibrant, beautiful, vivacious, loving, giving person have to go through this? Why do her husband, sons, little granddaughters now have to endure a world without her smile, her laugh, her Donna-isms? The world seems just a little darker today.

I’m trying so desperately to hold on to everything she taught me, to the love she always showed me, to the dedication she had for her students. She loved them fiercely, gave her all to what she did every single day, and kept pushing even when most would have given up.

She is someone I want to be like, I try to be like. If I can be half the person, teacher, and friend that Donna was, I would consider myself a decent person.

I’m sinking, drowning in sadness right now. I have not dealt with much death in my life thus far. I feel helpless and useless at the same time. I want to help my Rockport family, but I don’t know how. I want someone to help me deal with this, but I don’t know what they could do.

I guess I just need some time to miss and remember one of the most beautiful people to ever come into my life. I was truly blessed to be her friend, and I will forever cherish our time together.

I love you, Donna.


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