Just live

I’m on the verge of a decision.  I think.  The problem is dealing with the repercussions of the decision I make.

There are pros and cons to all sides of the choice I have to make, of course.  And repercussions, no matter what I choose.  So how do I get past that feeling of guilt or being judged or disappointment (of others, myself, whatever)?  That’s what I’m dealing with today.  Moving past all of that and slipping as easily as possible into whatever life I choose for myself going forward.

I feel like I’m in that exhilirated stage of getting lost that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Well, some days anyway.  I get excited about the prospect of starting fresh, getting this bad experience out of my system, and becoming truly happy and truly myself again.

But most of the time, I’m just flat out scared to death.  And I don’t know how to let go of that fear and just live.


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