Welcome to in my heavy heart

In June of 2016, our family went from ecstatic about welcoming our twin girls to devastated over a series of diagnoses for our baby girl B, Catherine, that would eventually lead us to terminate part of the pregnancy. Since dealing first with infertility and needing to use donor eggs to get pregnant and then enduring a termination of part of a very wanted pregnancy, we have become outspoken advocates for infertility awareness and the pro-choice movement.

We welcome you to in my heavy heart. Here, we chronicle our journey of growing together as a family in the aftermath of our loss, raising our beloved survivor, and advocating for women’s and parents’ right to make the best medical decisions for their children.

With love from our heavy hearts,
The Barar Family

Help Fight Anti-Choice Legislation in Cate’s Name

Texas is passing more and more restrictive abortion legislation, and we are doing our best to fight back. To help, please consider donating to NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, an organization that is actively fighting against anti-abortion legislation and action in Texas, in our sweet Cate’s honor by visiting this donation page. We appreciate any amount you’re able to give. Thank you!